Tower B AVJ Heights

Kamal Dhingra 18th Dec

There are hundreds of people who have booked the flat in AVJ heights B tower, the construction started in year 2011 on promise of possession by 2013, and many people booked the flat from 2011 till 2015 but the towers are not moving at all. Moreover the major issue is the builder is not giving the flat, and there is no one from Builder end at the site office or at the registered office. Our hard earned money is gone as we are getting no response.

The construction is halted and no one to contact, need some urgent help here. I know a group of 21 people who have the same issue and hundreds others are also looking for same help.


Kamal Dhingra Reply 1yr
HI Cheated Buyers Team, I have e-mailed you several pictures of AVJ B Tower, kindly have a look and let me know if anything else is required. Thanks Kamal Dhingra
Cheated Buyers Reply 1yr
Can you send us some pictures of the project at .. we can try to reach out to more