Fraud Builder at Hyderabad - Aliens Developers

Seshagiri Rao 30th Aug

Dear Prospective #Homebuyers and Bankers,

Though this review of mine is bit lengthy, but worth reading till the end as it is realistic case study of a Fraud builder at Hyderabad.
Be ware of the fraud builder at Hyderabad named as Aliens Developers Pvt Ltd launched a project called \'Aliens Space station1\' in the year 2006. The project could take 10% execution till Aug\'2017. Whereas builder looted 600 Crores from Homebuyers. And this project doesn\'t come under #RERA ambit because of gross dilution done by Govt. Telangana on RERA Regulation. Thus suggest the prospective buyers not to invest in this project and get cheated.

I wish to give a detailed cheat sheet of this builder though I have made many complaints on various platforms and real estate reviews.

Aliens Group Fraud Cheat Sheet
Large scale fraud allegation against Aliens Developers Pvt Ltd, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, in the name of residential Apartments of project – Aliens Space Station 1, Tellapur, Medak Dist.
We would like to bring into your kind notice the builders known by Aliens Developers Pvt Ltd aka Aliens Group have been promoting a project named Aliens Space Station 1 at Tellapur, Medak Dist for last several years.
The Aliens Group made fancy presentation to lure customers but the actual progress in the project is negligible. Of late it has been realized by several customers that the same flats are being shown to new customers at a high escalated price. The old customers are being asked to match the new cost or forced to take a plot at exceedingly high rate in other projects like Aliens Hub, Aliens Space Station 2 etc.
The project (Aliens Space Station 1) was initiated in 2006-07 but even after 10 years of construction not even 1 out of 13 station is fully complete. The project was promised to be completely done by Jul 2013, considering the start of handover in 2011 rather living from 11/11/2011 in their own words. But many stations are yet to take off the ground. Aliens group has shifted the deadlines repeatedly from 2011 to 2017, then 2020 and now to old customers they are not committing any time but to new customers they always promise a date 2 years from now.
Every station has about 6-7 towers of 30 floors each of the planned 2182 units only about 40 units are said to be complete. The builders have been giving incorrect and falsified reports to the customers all along. They have tried to put the blame on irrelevant factors including the issue of Andhra and Telangana state bifurcation.
The builders are demanding very high escalation from existing customers, who has bought their dream homes since 2006. Station 13/14, as is the only station structurally complete and to move customers from other stations to this station the builders are demanding more than 100% escalation in cost.
There are numerous other unethical and unfair trade practices being followed by Aliens Group, some of which are mentioned below, to make you realize the kind of scale at which Aliens Group is cheating simple and honest citizens of the country. They have promoted various bogus schemes from time to time to lure users.
Change of Project Name:
Out of 13 stations to complete, Aliens Group completed Only One Station, structurally, since 2006. This structurally completed station has 29 floors with 6-7 flats for each floor.
To dupe the new potential customers and to encase the market, Aliens Group is using some high-fy names to each of the Stations and started advertising with new names.
Out of which, Station 13 a.k.a Station 14 is branded as ‘Aliens Cassini’.
Without completing the assured project, how a builder can change the name of the existing project and can brand with their own names?

Court Cases and FIRs:
FIRs: Multiple cases are filed by customers at various police stations viz. Madhapur PS, RCPuram PS. More customers are considering filing FIRs or attaching their names to existing cases. One FIR has about a hundred distinct customers attached.
Court Cases: There are over 300 cases running in different stages at different levels including State and National level of Consumer Redressal Forums. Several others who has received the judgements, in favor of consumers, are awaiting the execution of Judgements
Contempt of court and bounced cheques: Payments made by the builder to customers after decree of court is not honored. Apart from inadvertent delay and intentional harassment to the customer, builder issues cheques and they bounce. In few instances, they give only partial amount and then force the customer to take some plot instead of money.
Breach of agreement
AOS: The agreement of sale document for most customers has lop sided statements that tend to insulate the builder from some deliberate offences. Despite this the builder has breached many conditions of AOS like the timelines of individual units, promised common amenities, completion schedule etc. The quality of units as shown in presentation by the builder and as mentioned in the AOS attracted all the customers. The builder is now demanding a much higher escalated price, citing upgrade of quality of some items which was never discussed with or agreed by customers. A calculation revealed that when escalation due to upgrade of such items should be in thousands the builder was forcefully demanding several lakhs from each customer. This is an outright extortion.
New Illegal One-sided Agreement:
Lately Aliens Group had engaged with one of the PE firms to raise funds to escape from legal cases, claiming that the owners who had filed legal cases will be settled with principal and interest amount soon PE firm releases the funds. The funds released by PE firm, Edelweiss Finance, will be used to settle the pending amount in court cases and rest of the amount can be used for construction as a capital investment. Customers were asked to sign on a one-sided illegal amendment to Agreement of Sale, asking to forget about the previous years of issues and let the existing AOS gets null & void with new amendment. The clauses and conditions are one-sided benefitting Aliens Group and making the PE firm to step up on owners’ rights in case of Aliens Group fails again.
Moreover, the owners are threatened to sign on the new agreement else the flat allotment could be cancelled.
The cancellation policy is heavily lopsided and even if the delay is completely due to mismanagement of the builder, customer is forced to apply for a cancellation, forced to forego up to 20% of the paid amount and then made to wait for a year to get his money back in small installments. This is outright cheating.
Many customers who realized that the Aliens Group is intentionally doing the fraud, by taking the advance amount, without doing any construction, approached Aliens Group to return the money back.
Aliens Group announced a payment term policy and asked Owners to cancel their flats by themselves. With a hope, that Aliens Group will return the money, around 600 customers had cancelled their flats by themselves.

Below are some of their words.
1) Sadia Begum - This is Sadia Flat No. 1033 Station #6. Cancelled the Flat in June 2014 but Aliens Group did not return money. Last Saturday we had a discussion with Aliens and they are saying directly that they don\'t have money so we should accept land at Aliens Hub or flat at another station.
2) Manohar Koduru - I cancelled my flat (526) a few years back and got only 5% back from aliens.
3) Ratna Vani Saripalli and Ramesh Yanamandra - We booked our flat in 2006 - Flat 829. We asked for cancellation and refund of money around 3 years ago - no money came in. Later we agreed on a plot in Skypark - even that did not happen. Frankly, we do not know the status of our flat No: 829
4) Vadlamudi Ambrish - I have cancelled the flat and Aliens is yet to pay me R.s 8,00,000/- which they are not giving instead of repetitive follow ups. My mobile number is 9985003300 in case you would like to contact me.
5) Niranjan Dasiga - I too initially cancelled the flat N0. 631, Station #5 and after receiving no response from Aliens to my emails & reminders, I then sent a legal notice to which also they did not respond after which i filed a case in consumer court and filed an FIR too against them.
6) Krishna Chaitanya Katti Naga - We have cancelled our flat, and got a break up of repayment of our money but didn\'t received any money back. Our flat no 1206B in Station 1
7) Manoj Garg - We have cancelled our flat, and got a break up of repayment of our money but didn\'t receive any money back. Our flat no 1930 in Station #5
Multiple booking and registration of flats:
Same Unit marketed to multiple prospective clients even after booking: They promise early dates of delivery and offer a rate at which prospective clients are likely to become clients. But as soon as the first disbursement is done, they try to avoid the customer. The same house is then shown to many other potential customers. Then the first client is told that there was a delay in receiving the amount and is then forced to select another not as impressive unit.
Many flats were sold to multiple customers, claiming that the earlier owner has cancelled their allotment. Aliens Group made the new prospective buyer to pay the total amount for the same flat. When the old customer aware of this, he was threatened and asked to wait for return of the money.
Bogus Schemes:
Bogus scheme of no pre-EMI till possession: Many customers were promised via an MoU that the pre EMI would be paid directly to the bank till the unit was handed over. But after 10 to 11 such installments, the builder stopped the scheme unilaterally breaching all terms and conditions mentioned in the MoU. Most customers have not been given any alternative. All such customers had agreed to buy the house at a higher price than the existing rates allured by the pre-EMI clause.
Bogus scheme of rental value at Rs 10 per sft till possession: Many customers were promised a rental value at rate of Rs 10 per sft after the grace period was also over. The builder paid the same only for a few months and then stopped abruptly. While questioned by a few customers they offered rental value at the rate of Rs 3 per sft for a few months and then stopped altogether.
Bogus scheme of “Book and get a return ticket to an international destination”: Some customers were offered to and fro air tickets for 2 to their favorite foreign destinations like Mauritius, Dubai etc. When the customers enquired about the same after the first disbursement of loan, they were snubbed saying the tickets would be given after the handover of the house.
Luring extra money in the name of Enhancement charges: Aliens Group introduced a new name called, WEGI, stands for Water, Electricity, Gas and Infrastructure and started asking extra money in the name of value enhancements. Basically, all these enhancements are part and parcel of the earlier Agreement between the customer and Aliens Group. Just by changing the names and vendor names, Aliens Group started posing extra calculation. If a customer is not interested to pay these extra, he was asked to move to other Stations which couldn’t see light anymore.
Other offences
No payments to various parties: It also a fact that the Aliens Group has not paid amount to the land owners, the consultants, vendors, suppliers, contractors as well. The developer seems to play foul with all parties they interact with, bringing the project to a state where no construction is happening since many months. The place looks deserted and even the few families who have moved in do feel insecure and uncomfortable in the project complex. Many employees have also complained of not receiving their promised awards from the builder. It is evident that the builder has a habit of lying, making false promises and not paying their due share on completion of a task.
Deliberate non-hand over of flats: A few customers whose units are structurally complete (in the only constructed station) and registered, the builder is refusing to hand over despite payment of 100% of the amount. The builder is insisting on a payment of at least 60% of the cost as additional cost and not willing to do the finishing work of the unit. This is plain harassment and cheating.
Forced occupancy: The builder has forcefully occupied the units of some customers and using the space for their office. It is very doubtful if the builder has got the necessary permission to use the residential station for commercial usage. The irate customers were offered a small amount as rental value and when they refused, the builder is shamelessly not paying a paise to run the office from about 10 units.
Diversion of Funds
Investors advance funds has been diverted to Aliens sister companies and to other unknown sources and didn’t mentioned in their balance sheets also.
Many customers who booked the flats have taken loans from various banks and are paying their EMIs. All of them are finding it extremely difficult to pay the rent and a high EMI towards nothing. There is no progress in sight and there are rumours that builder has already decided not to do phase 2 and 3 at all. Please note that phase 2 was scheduled to be completed by mid 2012 and phase 3 by mid 2013. At one point there were about 1400 customers. After generating such a huge initial payment of Rs 300 crore or higher, the builder has chosen to make very little progress. Evidently they have diverted the funds to other areas and acquired huge pieces of land elsewhere.
The dates and phases are changing by year and year. And, 2023 is the new date as of now.
The builders are threatening and bullying the customers and have also challenged many to do what they can. The builders first identified soft targets of customers from IT industry and then targeted customers in other cities and are now targeting customers from overseas.
Builders like Aliens Group are a shame to the society. They have trapped many simple and innocent citizens with fancy presentations and false promises. The customers have poured their lifetime’s savings for their dream house and the builders have spent the money on their own lifestyle. The builders stay in posh houses, own imported cars, wine and dine in exquisite hotels and go holidaying to exotic locations.

Builders like Aliens Group have exploited many loopholes in the existing laws and broken quite a few laws as well. Such builders bring bad name to the city and the state. And now that they are targeting foreigners, they will dupe them bringing bad name to the country as well. We appeal you humbly to address this problem as soon as possible before it takes a more monstrous shape. We request you to initiate a probe against the builder, do a forensic audit of their accounts to discover to which other scams they have diverted the money from Space Station project to. We also appeal to you to either award the project to a reputed builder which can take the project and give some respite to the shattered hopes of the customers.

Most customers have paid their initial and later payments on time, are paying rent and EMI and have lost an opportunity to buy a house at the rates existing several years ago. For absolutely no fault of the customers, they have lost a significant part of their life and opportunity. It is my earnest appeal to initiate a probe into this big fraud being committed by Aliens Group and find a means by which hundreds of wailing customers can be given justice. I also request you to invoke the right laws to punish the guilty so that they do not scheme to cheat other citizens in the future.

List of Banks provided Home Loans to owners in Space Station 1

Sl. No. Name Of the Bank Branch
1. State Bank of Hyderabad RC Puram Branch
Nachaaram Industrial Branch
Kukatpally Branch
2. State Bank of India Madhapur Branch
RACPC, Patny Center Branch
ABIDS Branch
Charminar Branch
3. Corporation Bank Madhapur Branch
4. Bank of India Madhapur Branch
Appa Junction Branch
Gachibowli Branch
5. Allahabad Bank Secunderabad Branch
6. Axis Bank Secunderabad Branch
7. LIC Housing Finance Secunderabad Area Office Branch
8. ING Vysya Bank Himayat Nagar Branch
9. IDBI BANK Chapel Road Branch
10. Central Bank of India Gachibowli Branch

Thank you for your patience in reading the full review. Please take wise decission while investing. Please do not become a fool like me after investment of hard earned money with #AliensFraud