Dreams shattered by Aliens Developers

We booked a flat in Aliens Space Station in 2006 (Flat 829) and are regretting the decision for the past 10 years. We paid 18 lakh of our hard earned money and till date have nothing to show for it. We tried getting our money back by negotiating with the builders. But they cheated us every time. We also know that they have resold our flat. We have now filed a case in National Forum and hope to get justice. Even after 11 years Aliens have not even started construction of our tower ..... forget about our flat in the 8th floor. So we do not have the flat and our money is stuck with them. We had to pay bank emi also. All our dreams of having a house and seeing our investment growing have been ruthlessly shattered by Aliens. If only we had booked a flat with some other honest builder......! Aliens are very good at trapping customers....maybe thats the only thing they are good at. Beware of them. Do not sink your hard earned money with them.


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