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Delayed, Diverted, Colluded & Cheated

AliensSS One Owners Welfare Association 9th Mar

Aliens Space Station 1 was one of the prestigious project years back when it started in 2006-07 as pre-sales quoting 3500-4300 per sqft. A project with 28 floors, 13 stations, 1.4km interconnected S shape corridor, international club house facilities, next generation home automation and fire safety systems attracted every IT employee in Hyderabad and across world. Their sales team did an extraordinary job to capture every rupee from every IT employee in the name of Intelligent Living and collected over 600 cr with a customer base of 1500 by 2012. Proudly announced in news papers that 1500 happy families failed to deliver the project by 11-11-2011 as announced and cheated many dreams. Diverted the funds to their 12+ sister companies and enjoying luxorious life travelling across countries to showcase the project and enjoyed high lifestyle with customers money, the MD was arrested in 2015 March when customers met Home Minister of Telangana to take action. Later released on bail, continued the same as 40+ FIRs were registered but no chargesheet yet by Police department. Over 300 cases in consumer forums diluting the process step by step lead many customers devasted their family life and lost every rupee of their investment.
Innocent IT employees who had invested and who are falling in their sales trap are not able to digest their loss of investment and agreeing to take the constructed flat by paying extra than agreed. Out of 2182 flats, 150-160 flats were structurally complete by 2016 and giving handovers to only those who pays extra than agreed.
Beware of Aliens Group and beware of Aliens space station

Majety Ramnath Reply 4mth
Beware of Aliens Group and beware of Aliens space station
Majety Ramnath Reply 4mth
Aliens space station Hyderabad-Worst project for investment.. fraud builder. Cheated 200+ families to the tune of 250Cr, Waiting for the flat handover since 2011. paid 90% of the amount in the year 2009. No construction and progress.
Shravan Kumar Reply 5mth
Shattered our dreams by creating a false product which he is trying to sell from a decade . We trusted him believing he would complete but later realized that he never had any honest intentions