Aliens Space Station (ASS-1)- Fraudulent Builder and Doomed Project

Anonymous User 15th Mar

Aliens Developers have been a unscrupulous cheat to ruin the dreams of owing own homes of thousands home buyers. I have booked my flat in year 2009 and now, this is 8 years and no sign of any development.

The builder has cheated innocents buyers and 200+ consumer court cases have been filed in state consumer court and national commission, however no respite to consumers.

The Builder has been put behind the bars almost 2 years ago, but then released as 100 of FIRs have been filed against them, however no charge sheet has been filed till date. Thanks to our administration.

The builder is panned out all possible systems machinaries to procrastinate the project and no respite. Even after state commission has pronounced the judgement, not sure when we would be getting our hard earned money back from this fraudulent and cheat..

Requesting the authorities and all the concerned officials to look into this matter and help the innocent buyers from clutches of such robbers..!!