Aliens Group is Cheating Customers in Hyderabad

I had booked a flat in Aliens Space Station (station - 5) in 2012 and paid 50% amount of flat. Aliens promised to handover the flat by Jun 2013 but TILL NOW there is no sign of any construction for station 5. We had asked builder to return the money as there is no construction but he did not return back any amount till now. So we have filled a case in State Consumer Court and won the case but Aliens is not obeying the court judgement and not paying the amount back. Still they are dragging it by their lawyers. People are very sad as they have spent their very hard earned money and till now there is no solution as govt. is not listening and Aliens is not obeying Court judgement.


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mystery man Reply 1 year ago
OK here are some options for you: 1. Go to high court and file the case against the company with mental harassment charges plus late in paying back money ask the court to put a fine plus give you interest for the no. of years they are fooling and also pay the money for your lawyer fees because of their laziness 2.I know it will take some time but judgement will come in your favour for sure you will earn money from it as well as all your lawyer fees will reimburse by the company so keep calm and just do it .