Aliens and Telangana Consumer Court collude to deny Justice

Krishna Udathu 2nd Jun

I purchased a residential flat from Aliens Developers, Hyderabad for a consideration of Rs.57,54,225/- on 9-8-2007 and paid an amount of Rs.56,54,225/- and the builder ought to complete the construction of flat by 11-11-2011 however not completed or even started thereby issued legal notice dt.24-12-2013 however no reply by builder thereby filed CC No.11 of 2014 and after prolonged deliberations Telengana State Commission Hyderabad adjudicated the matter vide its order dt.16-2-2016 with directions as under
to pay an amount of Rs.55,64,865/- with interest @12% per annum from the date of receipt to till payment of the same besides costs of Rs.6,000/-. Further directed to comply of the order dt.16-2-2016, within four weeks from the date of order
For non compliance of order dt.16-2-2016 passed in CC No.11 of 2014 I have filed EA No.6 of 2016 on 22-3-2016 u/s.27 of CP Act and this case has been given dates 25 times without any reason.
With great difficulty the following payment schedule was agreed by Aliens Advocate
10% on 10-Jan-2017, 15% on 10-Feb-2017, 15% on 10-Mar-2017, 20% on 10-Apr-2017, 20% on 10-May-2017, 20% on 10-Jun-2017
Against the above schedule Aliens Paid 1 lakh on 27-Jan-2017 and paid 2 lakhs on 16-Feb-2017. Non-compliance to the schedule was brought to the notice of judge 11 times -
10-Jan-2017, 24-Jan-2017, 10-Feb-2017, 15-Feb-2017, 20-Feb-2017, 22-Feb-2017, 10-Mar-2017, 22-Mar-2017, 06-Apr-2017, 18-Apr-2017, 13-Jun-2017
Every time my case along with few others come up for discussion, the Judge gives some excuse and walks away leaving court clerks and opposition lawyer decide the next dates.
I am now confused whether to be upset with Aliens Builders for cheating me or angry with judicial system that is denying justice. Does it really take so long to enforce the judgement given by the same court? There are numerous news paper articles showing that Aliens Developers struck a deal to get INR 200 crores. So it is not a case of them not having money.
I understand that arrest warrant can be issued in case of non-compliance. But no such action is initiated. Mine is not an isolated incident and there are 300+ cases like mine and 1300+ families are suffering for last decade.
I have written postal letters and Emails to PMO, Telangana CM, President NCDRC, Chief Justice of India but no response. I have also written to PM using Write to PM and it is almost 60 days now and so far nothing happened.

Please don\'t invest in Aiens and warn friends and family