Is Your Property Broker Cheating You?

The main job of the property broker is to let his clients buy and sell homes. Hiring the perfect property broker can help a lot. Whether you are buying a home or selling a property, it will be difficult to find an honest broker. In fact, nearly 50% of the property brokers are cheats and wish to milk out commission from the people. A good agent will have the right skills, the ability to listen to your needs and help you to enter a profitable deal. But, if the broker is a cheat, things might be very difficult.

Property Broker
Both buyers and sellers have to approach a broker for making the transaction. He can also let you arrive at the best builder who is known for timely delivery of projects and the one who uses the right materials. A broker can also help you file Complaint Against Builder in Mumbai if he is a cheat. Before you take help from a broker to arrive at the right builder, you should read Review about Builder Project and know his past works.

A good property broker can make the entire thing smooth while a cheating broker can complicate the process. There are some tell tale signs to suggest that your broker is cheating you. Just read up the following section to know them.

Shady broker sells your home at a cheaper rate

In the real estate industry, there are plenty of good real estate brokers, but as every industry has its share of cheat practitioners, the real estate agency is not spared either. You should know that people with charming faces and those who appear fresh may be most crooked. If the realtor is shady and cheat, he will want to sell your property at cheaper rate. There is a common misconception that you and the realtor want to sell the property at a higher price. Although the realtor gets more commission for selling the property at a high price, still he will like to close the deal fast. Every broker wants to close the dealing at a faster pace. Speed is the key to getting the commission faster. More the time consumed in selling the property, more will be the advertisement he has to do. The Property Broker will have to bear more inspections.

The realtor reduces the selling price

When it is the first week, the broker seems very impressed by the piece of property and quotes it higher. In the next few weeks he starts complaining that the buyers do not like certain factors of the property. As the time passes, the value of your property touches bottom line, according to the property broker. However, this is an obvious sign of a cheating broker. Actually the prospective buyers did not complain about the property, but it is the broker who wants to sell your property at a lower rate. This is so, because he wants to get commission from you and the buyers for selling at a lower price.

Hooking up the buyer

A lot many brokers say that they quote the property at a cheaper rate to gain the attention of the buyer and later on wishes to negotiate. If your broker says this to you, it implies he is a cheat. He is actually tied up to the buyer to gain a commission.

Clinching the deal and selling off at minimum rate

So, finally, when the bidding day arrives, you get an offer for the home. Much to your dismay, the agent presents to you a very low offer bid, saying that the property was not tested in the marketplace or the exact value was not judged.

To avoid arriving at a cheat property broker, you can follow the tips for choosing a reliable broker like checking out his experience level, getting in touch with his past clients and taking recommendations.

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