7 Things To Consider Before Selling Your Own Home

Selling your own home can be tough if you are not aware of the main principles. Making a plan to sell the home in advance and starting early can save a lot of headache and stress. When one looks forward to sell his/her own home, the first thought coming to the mind is marketing the property. So, the seller plants ‘well furnished home for sale’ sign on the lawn to gain attention. This is not the right approach as you need a professional to market your plot or property. Besides, it is important to know the factors you have to be careful about while selling your home.


Selling your own home gives a lot of financial benefits, but you need to invest time and effort, especially, if you are planning to sell your home in metropolitan cities such as Mumbai. Its vital to seek an online Feedback about Builders in Mumbai, about the brokers and major property firms to develop right understanding of the real estate sector in the area. Those who do things hurriedly, they miss out on attractive deals. If you do not have time for receiving those phone calls from the agents and prospective buyers and display the home perfectly, get it inspected, you will get less from the sales. Thus, it is crucial to be patient. Here in the section you will find tips to selling your home successfully.


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Gain adequate exposure

It is mandatory to get in touch with an established real estate broker having the network that reaching far beyond the town and city you are located in. He will have contacts with qualified buyers, both nationally and internationally. His network will be budgeted and managed pretty well. A broker can also pay for the cost of advertisement.

Getting a pre-inspection done

When you decide to sell off your property, make sure you get the pre-inspection of the property. If you avoid this, the problems in the home can make it difficult to sell off the property and also delay the process. After the professional highlights the issues, get all the repair work done.

Know the market direction and your property value

Since the real estate market is dynamic where the prices keep on moving, it is important to keep a track over the market and gauge its direction. As per the direction of the market, you need to access the value of your property. This way, your property will sell at a fair price. The people who are Cheated by Builder often prefer to buy houses from individuals who are selling their own property. Using online websites and social networking sites, you can look for such people interested in purchasing property.

Assessing competition in the market

You need to know the price and the valuation of the property, similar to yours, in the neighborhood. Identify all the properties nearby that are similar to yours. Take note of the sale price, list price and features like number of bedrooms and other conveniences. You should list your prices accordingly.

Do you have the ability to negotiate?

If you want to sell your own property, you need to consider whether you possess the negotiating ability or not. Can you do without the help of a seasoned broker? Well, if you can negotiate and get a fair price for the property, move ahead.

You may have to pay the broker’s commission of 3%

It may happen that you are not taking any help from a real estate broker to save on commission, but the buyer may be assisted by the broker. So, in a way, you are again liable to pay his broker’s 3% commission.

Can you handle the legal issues?

Home selling involves contracts and closings. Until and unless you are a lawyer, you should not handle the legal aspects. It is only an expert who can understand the contract or may steer the entire process to a legally sound conclusion.
Apart from the above mentioned factors, you also need to consider whether you have time or not. If you make the commitment of selling your own property, you need to do things correctly. Although a seller can save money on the agent’s commission, an agent can arrange a lot many buyers willing to pay a good amount for the piece.

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